Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grammy Quizzes! The Birthday Girl!

Today is my Mom's Birthday! She's been a wonderful example to me and my family in many ways. Grammy is kind, caring and always looking out for the Underdog! Since she is in impeccable health, Grammy should be celebrating lots of future birthdays, so there will be other blogs posts.

But today I wanted to write about "Grammy Quizzes!" When her Grandchildren were young there were several summers when Grammy put together a Summertime Quiz for all of her Grandchildren.

The Questions were always related to Information about Family (usually with a specific focus like "The Ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming" or "The Brighton Cabin" or "Sun Valley, Idaho" or"Family Trivia!" Questions were a mix: multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, etc.

And here is the perk: Correct Answers were worth ridiculous amounts of money for young Grandkids. If memory serves me right, sometimes there might be 20 questions for $5 per answer which could help a kid earn a fast $100. As long as they knew things like "What law school did Gramps attend?" or "Gramps did the legal work in 1977 when (fill in the blank) bought Sun Valley?" (Stanford, Earl Holding)

Grammy made sure that all the Grandkids scored well! As the test proctor she'd give credit for any answer that could be justified! The "Grammy Quizzes" were just a CLEVER way for her to make sure her Grandkids were learning about their ancestors, and about places that are special to our family, or our history, etc.

Yep, my Mom is your classic School Teacher, full of creative ideas and ways to find teaching moments and make it fun! And considering how much cash she offered for those quizzes, clearly she is not opposed to bribery either!