Friday, August 7, 2009

Singing with the Best of Them!

"Music can noble hints impart,
Engender fury, kindle love,
With unsuspected eloquence can move,
And manage all the man with secret art."
-Joseph Addison

I LOVE Music! But sadly, the musical GENE Skipped my Entire Generation; possibly my Whole Family Ancestry! But what I lack in Skill, I make up for in pure ADORATION! I'm oblivious about things like carrying a tune (let's just assume I can't/don't); but I still like to try. Off Key? Likely. Perfect Pitch? Not a Chance!

But I'm Savvy enough NOT to BELT out Tunes; at the very least I Know What I Don't Know (and in this case I don't know how to sing Melody, Harmony, Soprano, get the idea?!) Yes, I've learned to be Discreet. If I'm coerced into singing with an all member Relief Society Choir in church I've figured out how to Lip Synch right along so I don't spoil the Special Musical Number! Trust me, I harbor no Secret Aspirations to be an American Idol contestant!

But, Musicians need their Fan base and I am a Proud and Loyal Fan of GOOD Music (and even some of the cheesy, sappy stuff). Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called Music "the Universal Language of Mankind" and Leo Tolstoy called it "the Shorthand of Emotion." It's hard to imagine a World Without Music! What an uninspired place that would be!