Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gotta Love our Bohemian Runner...

“I do like standing on podiums.” -Andie Knudsen

I received this photo and quote above via text message from Andie over the weekend. Lately, Andie seems to be winning more than her fair share of trail races. She’s been running in a bunch of Bay Area 10K’s and generally ends up with prizes like new running shoes, Sports Basement gift cards, and, most importantly (to Andie!) a perch on the winner’s podium!

I’m not sure what is up with her new winning streak. Maybe it’s her outfits. Perhaps it frightens other runners to see a goofy blond speeding by in a plaid lululemon skirt, black tights, funky arm warmers, and colorful headbands. Andie’s running attire definitely has a bohemian flair to it.

And, characteristic of Andie, finding herself on the winner’s podium suits her well! I rarely run fast enough to even place in my age group, so I’m unaccustomed to the exhilaration that might come from her podium delight. Although, I do understand endorphins kicking in, so even without garnering a place at the podium, I can still relate to the feeling of a runner’s high.

Maybe if I just spruce up my running outfits (go for a wackier look), I too, might shave some time off my pace and scare a few other geezer runners as I pass them on the course! Although the thought of standing at the podium truly makes me nervous enough to just keep plodding along at my slow and steady gait.