Sunday, May 29, 2011

He’s Our!

Around 1 pm every Sunday, Bishop Knudsen’s office fills up with Primary kids eager to recount an Article of Faith in exchange for a treat.

Brent’s kind of a pushover with the Primary kids. His interest in the children is one of those “mantel of the calling” gifts. Not to sound disrespectful but Brent’s nature of his own accord wouldn’t normally include such earnest excitement for “little people."

But, for now, he has direct stewardship over these little people, as well as their moms and dads, so initially by assignment, he feels a responsibility toward them. And, he’s a devoted bishop and pretty committed to wanting these cute kids to understand that their lives are enriched as they make good choices and stay close to their Heavenly Father.

So what might have begun as part of his duties has become one of the perks of the job. Or, in other words, Brent adores these little cuties (as Andie would call them).

Since Brent’s 5 year mark as the Los Gatos Bishop is approaching next month, he could be released at any point. Which I anticipate will be hard on him since he’s
loved serving and the time commitment doesn’t really phase him. He genuinely enjoys almost all aspects that are part of the job (go figure).

In some regards, I’m a lousy spouse for a bishop. I don’t complain much about his absence from home, I’m pretty independent. But I critique way too much. Sometimes it’s just hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I “notice” things (“things" could imply anything from rambling announcements to longwinded meetings or overly ambitious goals). I’m sure I drive him nuts when I note this or that detail that could be tweaked or changed. I’m like those annoying backseat drivers.

Despite my criticism, I’m pretty impressed by how well he can juggle (seemingly effortlessly) all the duties of the job. He’s generous with his time and eager to always do the right thing. I’m sure he’d be happy to continue shepherding the Los Gatos Ward flock but while an actual date is unknown, at some stage, another priesthood holder will take the helm. At that point, Brent’s new gig will be to sustain and support the next Los Gatos Ward Bishop, just like we’ve tried to do for him (which I’m better at on some days than others).

Overall, I’m proud of our bishop! His traditions and his enthusiasm (see photo) definitely mitigate his lack of brevity and other trivial issues I might give him grief about.

Busy as a man can be, He’s our bishop.
He finds time to talk to me; He’s our bishop.
Always kindly words he’ll say, To the children ev’ry day.
Let us help him ev’ry way; He’s our bishop.

Cheerful as he serves the Lord, He’s our bishop.
He’s the father of our ward; He’s our bishop.
He helps us to do the right, In our Heavenly Father’s sight.
We love him with all our might; He’s our bishop. -from the LDS Children’s Songbook