Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not-So-Moody Blues...

In my wildest dreams (or was it Your Wildest Dreams), I didn’t expect to go on Tuesday Afternoon (well, Friday night actually) with my Knights in White Satin (okay, just with Brent). I planned to Ride My See Saw, (but we took the Aston Martin) since I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band (ha! I wish).

Well, it turns out I knew more of the Moody Blues song line up than I expected. Their Mountain Winery Concert was excellent. We just had two minor glitches.

First, it was freezing cold! After a nice sunny day in town there was a dramatic weather shift. And somehow we missed the “dress warm” memo because the audience was decked out in gloves, hats, scarves, and parkas and we barely grabbed sweaters as we went out the door. I suppose I had a coat but it was kind of a designer type and not a functional model. Brrr....

Next, while enjoying our nachos Brent noticed that a dollop of cheese landed on the blanket of a huge imposing guy in the seat next to him. Normally my reaction would be to apologize profusely while wiping it off but this man looked like an ornery club bouncer. The kind of man who could do some bodily harm if you spilled cheese globs on his blanket.

We both starred at the nacho cheese stained blanket until we realized our options were limited. We had to come clean and acknowledge our culpability (Brent’s actually, I’m just being nice to share in the blame) in the mess we’d created. It was a scary, tense moment but thankfully, as it turns out the man looked more foreboding and frightening than he actually was (seems like we dodged a bullet, or something of the like, there).

Our next winery concert we’ll come better prepared with gear like earmuffs, hand warmers, maybe even our own blankets, and we’ll definitely eat our nachos before we sit down.