Monday, May 9, 2011


In recognition of Mother’s Day, the New York Times teamed up with Smith Magazine for a contest. Participants had to create six-word memoirs (which they called “Momoirs”) to sum up their own mother or motherhood in general.

There were thousands of entries. I love the six word memoir concept and enjoyed reading them so I thought I’d list a few I liked below. *Note: all of them are exactly (and only) six words but still give you a pretty good sense of the writer and/or the subject. Clever!

“When in doubt, I call Mom.”

“Force of nature, undeniable, hopeful.”

“We all think we’re her favorite.”

But is it your best work?”

“Nurtured with wisdom, made me laugh.”

“Mom, the sun of our family.”

“Mother Theresa, eat your heart out.”

"Prenuptial: whoever leaves, takes the kids.”

“Mom constantly saved me from myself.”

“So many socks, so little time.”

“Mother seeks promotion to Grandmother.”

“The hardest job I ever loved.”

“Give them roots, then the wings.”

“Love you, Mom. Best sentence ever.”

“When breastfeeding doesn’t work, udder guilt.”

“Because I’m your mother, that’s why.”

“Unpaid, lifetime commitment, most important job.”