Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cute Cousins...

We may come from Mormon stock but not the most prolific. 8 cousins is fairly small compared to lots of families. And 8 refers to both sides. There are only 2 cousins (Madison and TJ) from the paternal (Brent’s) side and 6 from my side.

On my side of the family I am the only sibling who delivered male and female children. My oldest sister, Lisa, has 3 boys, then my sister, Marianne, has 2 girls, and my little brother adopted 1 girl.

This adorable photo (at least I think it’s pretty cute!) from 1989 shows 7 (my 3 and 4 cousins) of the 9 maternal grandkids (Alex and Haley are missing since they weren’t born!) At the time this photo was taken our family had the oldest cousin (Andie) and the youngest one too (Paige).

I love this picture because Lisa and I were actually able to dress our boys in matching pink shirts, hot pink bow ties, white suspenders, and white pants. This was because they were around 4 and 5 years old (Andrew, Webb, and Eric). Give them another year or two and these goofballs wouldn’t be caught dead in pink bow ties! Luckily we caught a photo before that narrow window closed.

I’ve also got a great picture of this crew in our big master bath jacuzzi, all stark naked with bubble baths beards. I’ve hung onto that photo just in case I ever need to blackmail any of them!