Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sister Hatch & Sister Lisonbee...

Julia Hatch’s Art Show wasn’t the only attraction in town this week. Recently returned missionary, Angie Hatch, and her also recently returned mission companion, Courtney Lisonbee, stayed in the Knudsen basement keeping Paige company this week.

It was fun to have the Sister Missionaries around. They served in the New Hampshire mission and they've only been home 12 weeks (Angie) and 6 weeks (Courtney). So they are both fresh returnees, missing New England and all things missionary. And they are darling girls!

When Amber Menasco walked into the house after our Wednesday run/walk, Courtney recognized her but it took a minute to process. And it turns out that Amber had taught at the Missionary Training Center when Courtney was at the MTC. Typical. The missionary world generally has that six-degrees-of-separation, Kevin Bacon theory at work. But often it’s more like one or two degrees with Mormon missionaries! There is also a kind of a mission language sister missionaries speak that is only understood by their kin. They’re not trying to be exclusive, it’s just goes with the territory.

We really enjoyed having these cute girls pop in and out of the house between their adventures around the bay area. They were having a hard time getting used to calling each other by their first names, so half the time we all just called them Sister Hatch and Sister Lisonbee.