Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dearth of Trick or Treaters....

2011 was a low point for Trick or Treaters canvasing Alpine Avenue!

We’ve never had droves of kids in costumes come by. The houses are just too far apart to acquire a maximum candy haul.

So, the smart and clever kids (pretty much all the ones in Los Gatos) stick to 3 neighborhoods: Tait Avenue, Johnson Avenue and the Manor.

Tait Avenue gets ridiculous busloads of kids and the home owners basically don’t leave their doorstep all evening.

Johnson Avenue is only a block away from Alpine but the kids go up and down Johnson without venturing over to Alpine. What gives? One year I even gave full size candy bars! The Manor has homes closer together and a festive neighborhood feeling so lots of kids head over there for trick or treating.

This year I only had about a dozen trick or treaters. In total the doorbell rang 3 times (an all time low). So now I’ve got a stash of fun size candy bars around that I don’t want. Fortunately, most of them are chocolate so I’m not very tempted. I avoided buying PayDay just in case (I like those).

So, it was a bit of a depressing Halloween! I spent most of the day writing two school papers. But at least we didn’t get pelted by a snowstorm like the Northeast! It could always be worse!