Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Wilt Heden Nu Treden”

“We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing...” -Theodore Baker

In 1894, Theodore Baker translated the Dutch hymn, “Wilt Heden Nu Treden” written by Andrianus Valerius in 1597, to the English version “We Gather Together.” And in our LDS Hymn book it’s called “Prayer of Thanksgiving.”

It’s a tie for my favorite Thanksgiving hymn. My other favorite is “For the Beauty of the Earth” and when this is sung by The Lower Lights it might even win out.

But I loved singing “We Gather Together” last night as we were truly gathered together with the Los Gatos community at the annual Interfaith Service.

This year our ward was the hosts so it was held in our Rose Avenue Chapel. The Los Gatos Interfaith community brings together the faith traditions of nine different congregations. Represented last night were leaders (pastors, ministers, rabbi’s, etc.) and congregants of the Shir Hadash temple, the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Unitarian church, the Baha’i Faith, and our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

There is always such a great spirit at the Interfaith Service. It’s a nice tradition. Originally I attended out of obligation, feeling like I should support it, but it only took a time or two to find that I really enjoy it. There’s a nice camaraderie among everyone and a really nice spirit of community and thanksgiving.

“We all do extol thee, thou leader triumphant, And pray that thou still our defender wilt be.
Let they congregation escape tribulation; Thy name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free.” -3rd verse, Prayer of Thanksgiving