Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Pretty Much Always Happy; Except When I'm Not.

"Life's Been Good to Me So Far." -rocker Joe Walsh from the Eagles

I’ve had a great life! Not that I'm expecting life to end anytime soon(knock on wood). But every now and then it's probably good to step back and take stock. And for the majority of my days on earth I’ve been content and I’ve felt extraordinarily blessed!

One funny thing (ironic funny more than haha) about the picture to the left is that my life has been pretty "average" yet it has also been "memorable." Maybe not memorable in celebrity status or drama or major accomplishments but memorable for me.

I guess I don't necessarily see "average" and "memorable" as different paths. But I do understand the context they are trying to show in the picture. Lately, I just feel very blessed to be back in school and learning. It feels good (even if it’s a little overwhelming). And while I’m just another average student in the class, the classes are still memorable. Life’s good!