Saturday, May 19, 2012


     From an investment perspective, cars don’t appreciate.  The minute you drive new cars off the dealer’s lot they’re notorious for major depreciation.  Then, add some mileage and a car's value over time gains downward momentum.  
     With one exception.  The Land Rover Defender 90.  It’s the only car in our fleet of auto ownership that has ever increased in value.  So, as sad as it was to sell the Defender, our sorrow was mitigated by the onslaught of buyers bidding well over the asking price (and over what we paid for it over a decade ago).  That is a unique experience to have respective to car sales.  We paid $40,000 about twelve years ago and sold it for $50,000.  
     In 2003, Webb and the Defender earned the illustrious Los Gatos High School Best Car Award amongst the graduating Seniors.  At a school like Los Gatos, that is no small feat with a parking lot filled with high end autos that belong more often to the students than the teachers (which is sick I know).  But, I think the Defender won the best car title more for personality, not to mention a cute guy behind the wheel (Go Webb!). 
     Yes, the Defender holds some great memories for all of us; it was a great putz-around-town or take-to-the-beach vehicle.  And, it feels fitting that it’s new residence will be Boston, since Webb’s roots herald from New England as well.  We hope the new Defender owners enjoy it as much as we did!