Saturday, May 5, 2012

Citation Dismissed!

I would generally advise people with parking tickets to avoid the paperwork hassle and just pay up.  Otherwise you’ll probably spend a bunch of time and still owe the fine.  Unless you are Webb Knudsen.  And your vehicle is parked in Santa Cruz.

Webb sent such a disarming (and frankly charming) missive to the city of Santa Cruz about a parking ticket that he was actually issued an apology!  What city does that?  As well as a complete dismissal.  

Webb is the first person I know to garner an apology about a citation.  But he sent me a copy of his letter and let’s just say that flattering never hurts.  He gushed about wanting to show his girlfriend the lovely city of Santa Cruz on Easter weekend.  He gave scrupulous details explaining why the ticket was a system error.  And, technically he was correct since they've modified the meters with a pay by phone using an App option (which he’s used but still got a ticket?).  It’s just so unusual for the little guy to be right (David & Goliath) that it seems historical enough to note.  Congrats Webb!