Sunday, May 20, 2012

This just in...

     Wow! That Korey Nelson knows how to surprise a girl! 
     Paige and Korey are officially engaged (and we adore Korey and are excited about their big announcement)!  
     One of my favorite things about the proposal is how Korey pulled things off, keeping Paige in lots of suspense.  First, unbeknownst to Paige, Korey flew up a few weeks ago and told Brent and I of his intentions (to which we happily gave our blessing).  Then Korey returned to Huntington Beach early the next morning and Paige was none the wiser.  As far as she knew he’d worked late, studied and called it a night.  Hopefully Brent and I have now proved to Korey that we are able to keep secrets!  
     Then, Korey and Paige went to San Diego yesterday which is always a highlight destination for Paige since she was born there and spent her first four years in La Jolla.  Paige thought this trip to her roots might be a good place for a proposal but Korey had convinced her that he still needed to make arrangements to get parental approval.  So, Paige just assumed they’d spend the day hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve and visiting old haunts in La Jolla. 
     But, after a fun day, Korey surprised Paige with a fancy dinner at the Hotel del Coronado followed by.......Korey asking Paige to marry him! Which, due to his finesse and cleverness (okay, trickery), took her completely by surprise!  
     Paige (of course) said YES!  So, now the fun begins; a wedding to plan, and better than that, a marriage of two great people in love and who are kind and good to each other.  We think they’re a wonderful couple!  Congrats Korey & Paige!