Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open for Business...

“Try to get out and read in the sunshine at the very least.”
     The quote above was from a fellow grad student as we exchanged emails about our midterm on Tuesday.  It’s a comprehensive exam covering the first half of 3 textbooks so most of us (myself included) are struggling to catch up with the material.  
     However, I haven’t quite had the luxury to read in the sunshine, per Marne’s suggestion, although I was out in the sunshine all day on Saturday (just no study time).  
     Every spring we have one full Saturday of getting incredibly dirty to clean up the yard to the point that we can really enjoy the pool, etc. Instead of the calm before the storm, it’s the storm before the calm; make a big ole’ mess to ultimately clean things up.  
     So, yesterday was the annual pressure washing and deck cleaning Saturday. Unfortunately not a Knudsen kid was around to assist in the laborious process.  Maybe Andie skipped town just to avoid getting put to work.  But, Brent and I are hard workers and it felt nice to be out in the sun, even if I did feel guilty not to be studying for my midterm.