Monday, May 14, 2012

Jeremy & Mallory’s Last Los Gatos Group Run...

     When new ward transplants arrive for graduate school you know at best they’re probably only around for a few years.  So, with Jeremy at Santa Clara law school we knew he and Mallory might move on in three years.  But, dang, it went too fast!
    These two are personal favorites; I’d happily adopt either one (preferably both!).  In lots of ways they’re wise beyond their years.  From Mallory’s culinary quests to Jeremy’s ultra trail runs to their sustainable living ideas, I’m always inspired and learn new things from both of them.  
     The photo is from our last group run together on Saturday.  Jeremy’s a trooper, he’ll join irregardless of being the token male runner.  Then, he can keep up with the fastest or hang back with the slowest and generally does a bit of both.  Jeremy's pretty mellow so you don’t realize how fast he really is (or that he is holding back just to be nice - in my situation).  Mallory gives me insight into random things like chia seeds and is always a great resource for organic food nutrients, et al.  She’s like a young version of Alice Waters.  
     Lots of us (especially the running crew) are really going to miss the Lake-Valentiner dynamic duo.  They provide lots of entertainment on the trails!  Mostly, I’ve just always been impressed with their graciousness.  They are the first to compliment me on this or that; things like a lesson or hanging in there on a run.  I’m delighted they were Los Gatos residents for a stint and hopeful they’ll return to visit often (and maybe even move back someday).