Friday, May 25, 2012

The Queen of Country School!

             Happy 30th Birthday to Almaden Country School!  Andie and I are so happy we got to join the celebration yesterday!  It felt quite nostalgic!  
     Almaden Country School is a magical place; especially when Nan Hunter is on campus.  Yesterday there were droves of old-timers like us who came to hear tributes to the founders.  Steve Hayden even sent remarks from Apple University in China. 
     Right after the “formal” celebration Julia Hatch crowned Nan “The Queen of Country School” and fixed Nan up with a tiara and cape.  It was perfect because Nan is absolutely the queen on campus even if the new students don’t realize the influence and impact she has had on the school.  
     What a fun treat to see so many old friends and familiar faces from the years we spent at ACS.  I love the vision of the school and the vision Nan had when she started Almaden Country School in 1982 (which happens to be the year Andie was born too).  Such a great year and such a great school!