Monday, May 21, 2012

Don’t think of a white shirt...

      "Don’t think of a white shirt!”  For me, that task would be virtually impossible because everywhere I turn these days I see white shirts!  Brent has become the consummate white shirt apparel guy.
     When he was bishop he definitely wore white on Sundays (guess he’s always done that) but it feels like like with his new calling he’s sporting white shirts with greater frequency all week long.  
     Fortunately I don’t launder all the white shirts (roughly 50% of them).  The dry cleaners handle the expensive ones and I wash and press the others.  And, I don’t have anything against white shirts, I just never expected to see so many come through the wash, especially coming from one person.
     There is also the possibility that Brent’s gone overboard with the white too.  For example, here he is at last year’s girls camp in the Santa Cruz mountains wearing a white shirt and tie which might be a little much!  (Actually, I’m kidding, his part in the skit called for him to look the part of a bishop - camp-style anyway).  
     Overall I have to say I’m grateful he shows respect for his callings and makes sure to dress the part for all the mid-week interviews and visits.  It’s just been a noticeable change for the laundry fairy.  I’m not quite as quick on the turnaround when I’m ironing twice as many white shirts as I used to.