Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot off the Press...

“The theories that enable us to envision what the future holds in store for companies, can help us see the predictable results that come from choices and priorities we might make in our personal lives.” -from How Will You Measure Your Life, Clayton Christensen

     One great thing about Amazon prime shipping is to receive a new release on the day the book comes out.  Hence, on Tuesday, May 15th, my pre-ordered copy of Clayton Christensen’s new book, How Will You Measure Your Life?, arrived on my doorstep.  
     As I expected, it’s a wonderful book.  It’s an expanded version of the classic talk Christensen gave at the Harvard Business School that went viral in 2010.  Theories of business models are explained, then shown how they can apply to evaluating choices we make in our home and family life.
     I’m predicting a bestseller in the same vein as Covey’s Seven Habits book.  The business models, both the success stories and the failures, give good insight into understanding some of the thought processes that go into our decisions, which are often well-meaning but incorrect.  The applications for being a good parent and spouse are spot-on!  

The path to happiness is about finding someone who you want to make happy, someone whose happiness is worth devoting yourself to.” -from How Will You Measure Your Life?, Clayton Christensen