Monday, May 7, 2012

Running in the OC!

Equinox sponsored a great athlete for the Orange County half marathon Sunday morning.  Paige  represented the club well finishing in the top 10 women overall and 2nd in her age group!  This is out of almost 9000 people running the half! Go Pooge! 

Andie flew down Friday night planning to cheer on her sister but in a stroke of luck someone else on the Equinox team dropped out leaving Andie with a bib number too. 

One daughter in peak performance rocks the race and another daughter, in a last minute decision, pulls off a formidable performance (just winging it).  In my humble opinion, I’m doubly impressed! Bay Area women show the OC how it’s done!  

Racing on Sunday is something we are trying hard to avoid (living in Utah would make this effort so much easier) but it turns out that if you run fast enough you still have plenty of time to go home, shower and still make it to church on time!  Way to go Knudsen girls!  Awesome running!