Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Years of Happiness...

“Reader, I married him.” -Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

As someone who has been married for 30 years, I should be granted some authority to give advice on what to look for in a mate. Now that I’m an expert! (Ha!)

Although, it turns out that the McDonald’s Happy Meal celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in 2009, so the history of the Happy Meal predates our marriage for whatever that may be worth. The Golden Arches trivia will bug Paige since she’s been boycotting Mickey D’s for the last ten years or so. Anyway, moving right along... relative to marriage...

Research proves that you will be significantly happier in your marriage if your spouse is:
1. Agreeable,
2. Conscientious, and
3. Emotionally Stable

Those traits might seem pretty basic but I’ll vouch that those are pretty important things to look for in a companion. On the converse, if someone is a grouch, self-centered and irresponsible, they’re not likely a good spousal candidate.

Brent fits the bill for all three good attributes. He’s not exactly easy going (in fact some might call him intense) but he is generally agreeable. And he is very conscientious and also emotionally stable.

It’s actually hard to go wrong in marriage with a partner who is generally pleasant, fairly even-tempered and reasonably responsible. However, in order for a marriage to actually work with someone who has these qualities, there is still one catch.

The catch is, I need to have the agreeable/conscientious/emotionally stable qualities too! Therein lies the tricky part!