Friday, June 24, 2011


Surprises have never been my strong suit. Advance notice works well for me. Attention directed my way makes me uncomfortable too. But, it turns out, surprise gatherings where I’m the focal point (yikes), aren’t so terrible after all. Especially when cute kids are involved.

Since I was planning to be on vacation today (my official birth date), my cute running buddies pulled off a little party a few days early. While Jen and I were running in the scorching heat, the others set up a stellar brunch (all my favorite treats).

I honestly had no clue anything was up until we returned to extra cars in the driveway (hmm...), so the runners score points for keeping their plans so secretive. I’m quite a super sleuth so it was stealth work on their part that I didn’t get wind of any plans.

Exhausted from our hot run, Jen and I opened the door to a booming “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” and darling little people charged my direction (see top photo). What a way to feel dearly loved! Of course, immediately following their exuberance, one four year old gave me a disapproving look and asked: “Why are you all wet?”

Well, I was all wet because that is what happens when old ladies run in record setting temperatures! Ah, the mouths of babes! Fortunately, no one else seemed bothered by my sweat drenched body and we proceeded to have a lovely feast.

While I’m still more comfortable behind the scenes than center stage, I have to admit that it was a kind and generous gesture and I love these darling women for their insistence at pulling off a makeshift surprise party that really touched my heart.

And since they’ve already treated me to a celebration, anything that happens today just feels like “icing on the cake.” I felt birthday celebrated all week long thanks to the running moms and their adorable kids!