Monday, June 27, 2011

Ego in Check...

I am not at great risk of ego inflation! Especially with Paige back in town this summer. All my kids do a great job of making sure I don’t ever think I’m too cool.

Here is how this works: I came home from church and since we had company coming for dinner I didn’t put on my usual uniform but dressed it up a notch with a nice lightweight sweater with light blue stripes. And, for the record, it’s from Bloomingdales, so I assumed the look was casual but dignified.

But, right during the dinner conversation Paige notes (to all, mind you) that my outfit reminds her of the Nickelodeon TV show Blue’s Clues. It’s true the light blue colors are similar to the dog and the stripes do resemble the stripes in Joe’s rugby shirt but Blue’s Clues fashion was not exactly the look I was going for.

And, we all know how the power of suggestion works. The minute Paige expressed her impression that I look straight out of a Blue’s Clues episode, my Bloomingdales sweater will forever remind everyone that was at the dinner table of Blue’s Clues. In other words, I might as well audition for the Nickelodeon show if I ever want to wear it again because it has now been branded!

I’m not too offended because Brent has a red striped Banana Republic shirt he quite likes but our kids have pointed out that it looks exactly like “Where’s Waldo?” So, at least I’m not the only target and both of us can stay rather fashion humble thanks to strict wardrobe commentary from our kids.