Friday, June 10, 2011

A Lose/Lose Predicament?

“We will weather this.” -Representative Anthony D. Weiner

Hmm. I’m not so sure about that!

I don’t usually feel sorry for drop dead gorgeous women, but right now, for beauty Huma Abedin, I feel really bad.

Apparently poor Huma Abedin is intensely private and thanks to her scallywag of a husband, both their names have been in the headlines all week. Her husband of just 11 months.

Perhaps having Bill Clinton officiate at your wedding ceremony is just a bad start to a marriage! At any rate, the brash and cocky, New York Representative (and Huma’s husband) Anthony D. Weiner has had a rough week, pretty much ending up in a political maelstrom.

First, after accusations of lewd photos from his Twitter account surfaced, Weiner lied, claiming his account had been hacked. He even tried to pin it on “a vast right-wing conspiracy.” But two days later, he admits to carrying on inappropriate online conversations with several women.

In completely reckless fashion, Weiner sent out explicit images and exchanges that were filled with inappropriate sexual content. Most members of the House of Representatives think the scandal has been distracting and even his Democratic colleagues think he should resign. So far, he has refused but personally, I think his days as a congressman are numbered.

Sadly, the plot thickens! During all this chaos, the news leaks out that his wife, Huma, who is a top aide for Hillary Clinton, is pregnant. Without the pregnancy news, I would have told Huma to run away. And fast. Of course now leaving the arrogant Weiner, who seems crazier by the day, gets more tricky, as the father of her unborn child. So, yes, Huma is a beautiful woman, but I would sure hate to be in her shoes right now!

The whole mess just makes me profoundly sad!