Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Teacher Always Learns the Most!

The Teacher Always Learns the Most! That is just a simple fact and probably no truer than during my years teaching Seminary.

Yesterday was our traditional end-of-the-year Seminary Breakfast and Sunday night is Seminary Graduation.
It’s been quite a journey!

I’ve loved many aspects of Seminary and anguished over others, but, overall it’s been delightful. Since my church callings have often been administrative, the opportunity to teach has been good for me. I do better soaking-in information than necessarily imparting it, so preparing was fun but I found the actual teaching part a little daunting. Which stretched me.

Most of what I learned was never shared in class. I’d spend inordinate amounts of time reading (in copious detail) everything imaginable on any given gospel subject. Then, during class I’d typically fit less than a tenth of the material I’d gathered.

I’m not so much an overachiever as insecure with my knowledge. And tragically, while I became an expert during each year’s course of study, my comprehension was/is abyssmal. Retention has never been my strong suit.

So, what have I learned? I’ve learned that scripture study every day is important. Really important!

I’ve learned that we have really great youth and you’ve got to cut them some slack for chronic tardiness. If they come for 30 minutes and feel a good spirit while they’re in class, that beats 50 minutes with tension because they pitched up late (in my opinion).

I learned that while I’m not necessarily a morning person, that I can pull it off. Also known as the valuable life lesson that we can do hard things!

I’ve learned that because I forget so much information that I will pretty much be relearning things over and over, for the rest of my life. Sad but true, I’m afraid!

I hope I was able to teach the students that blessings occur as they apply gospel principles to their lives. This has been my experience my entire life.

I hope I’ve shared my testimony of finding answers to personal questions through scripture study and prayer.

I hope the youth just remember feeling like, despite the early time, that class was a good place to be and a nice start to their day. It certainly has been for me!