Thursday, June 16, 2011

Like Father, Like Son (Reversed)...

“There are none in this world who can understand the glory of crew except those who have done it. There is something unimaginable in the sport of rowing - it cannot be described, it cannot be taught, it must be explored through experience. There is something about gliding quietly across the water at five in the morning that subconsciously satisfies the very depths of the soul." -Erin Walker

In high school Webb did the family rowing with The Los Gatos Rowing Club, but this week it was reversed and that’s Brent out sculling in Craftsbury, Vermont. When you hang out with Bob Arnot (Dr. Bob), you end up on all kinds of adventures.

The small town of Craftsbury is home to Craftsbury Sculling, the first rowing camp in North America and major training center. Their coaching is staffed pretty much by former Olympians. And check out the beautiful backdrop behind the calm 2 mile lake; those are the scenic Lowell Mountains.

I remember Webb’s workouts with the LG Rowing Club and they were intense. They didn’t just work out on the boats but also did a lot of strength training, weight lifting, running, and working out on Ergs (special rowing machines). Webb would come home completely exhausted and extremely hungry.

“Per Ardua Ad Meta” is the motto for the Los Gatos Rowing Club, which is Latin for “Through Adversity to the Goal.” Whether it’s Webb’s crew team or Brent out solo in Craftsbury, it seems like rowing is a sport much like distance running; definitely not for the faint of heart!