Sunday, June 5, 2011

Duplicate Purchase....

I think it’s a sign that we have too much stuff when start repurchasing things we already own!

Take the lovely j/fit high density roller at left. I hunted one down for Brent last month at Sports Basement after it was highly recommended for IT band exercises.

Then, a few days ago, guess what I noticed right behind our elliptical machine. Not Brent’s new foam roller but an identical twin. A twin I didn’t know existed! Which also confirms the fact that I haven’t been using the elliptical lest I would have seen it.

Disregarding the expense and effort chasing down the new roller, I’m embarrassed that we had no clue we already had one in our possession. There is a chance, and I’m hopeful, that one of my kids will read this and text me to claim the roller belongs to them. Then, at least I wouldn’t feel crazy that I don’t know the contents inside my own house.

And now that we have two foam rollers, I’m worried that it might occur to Brent that we could do tandem exercising. Which isn’t a bad idea, just not one I’m overly anxious to implement. I’d sooner watch Brent on the foam roller while I’m enjoying a good novel. I happen to like stretching exercises more in theory than practice. So, theoretically, I don’t need one foam roller let alone two of them!