Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Webb throws a Baby Shower....

I love that the baby shower invitation on the left was produced by my offspring, although not from either of my daughters, but by my son!

As an new assistant at CAA, Webb’s job description entails anything and everything his boss sends his way. Which recently happened to include planning this upcoming baby shower.

I think the invite is darling; of course Webb is great on the computer. And, I’m relishing the thought of Webb working on the details of baby shower minutiae.

Working as a CAA assistant is a fast paced, hectic working environment where Webb’s found the days fly by, he’s been so busy. It sounds like his boss is demanding but fair, a hard worker herself, and probably a great person to learn a lot from while Webb does things as random and unique as planning his first baby shower.

Brent had lunch last week with a friend who has been successful in the entertainment industry. In an email exchange after they’d discussed Webb’s new position at CAA, Brent’s friend remarked: “Your son is approaching the industry in the correct way and you should be proud of him. CAA jobs are coveted and virtually impossible to get.”

So, it sounds like Webb was very fortunate to land this job and if party planning is part of the gig, then I’m sure Webb will figure out how to throw an awesome baby shower.