Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Kids? Pending!

       I thought I had 1 son & 2 daughters but according to my new Facebook account they are all “pending.”  So it appears that on Facebook they’ll have to actually “accept” me as their mother before my parenting status will appear as such.
       Not only that, but my spouse has not even accepted my friend request yet.  Although he gets on Facebook even less than he reads my blog - which is probably like monthly.  
       All 3 of my kiddos did accept my “friend request” so even if they don’t acknowledge me as their mom at least we can still be friends, so that’s something.  
         So any day now I could have a husband and children according to Facebook.  In the meantime I’m still sporting my wedding ring.  And wrinkles too.  Although I can’t really blame aging on my children; now that they are still pending.