Monday, June 18, 2012

Honing the Grandparent Skills....

       James McNally Olsen is one adorable guy!  I hope all of my grandkids will be as good-natured as James.  When Brent and I babysat last Friday night we both decided this is the good life.  James parents, Andrew and Caitlin, have been in town for Liam's graduation at Stanford and we are delighted they came since it’s our first chance to meet Sweet Baby James! 
       James has Andrew’s easy-going temperament.  He makes practicing my grandparent skills quite easy.  I didn’t see him fuss once during the Olsen’s stay so I’m getting conditioned to well-behaved little people on the home front.  Plus, James has several tricks.  His motorboat babble is very cute and he gets almost giddy with excitement when you put him in front of any mirror!
       Of course his happy nature isn’t that surprising.  What on earth could he fuss about?  There isn’t much you can complain about when you are the main attraction.  Since James is the first grandchild on both sides so there is no shortage of attention coming his way.  
       Technically I guess I’m a great aunt to James but “Los Gatos Grandma” is my self-proclaimed title.  And, it’s nice that Caitlin has several siblings in the Bay Area so we get to see the Olsen crew fairly often.  Yay!