Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding Plans...

       Paige and Korey’s engagement is only 3 months and that’s fine by me.  I think planning a wedding falls into the same construct as cleaning your house: if you have 4 hours to clean it, it takes you 4 hours; if you only have an hour, somehow you get the job done.
       There is no question that a 4 hour cleaning job is probably more thorough and a 2 year engagement probably breeds more elaborate wedding festivities.  But, truthfully, neither Paige or I are all that focused on pulling off the wedding-of-the-year anyway. 
       The Catholics have a good saying that “A wedding is for a day, a marriage for a lifetime.”  And, since we believe the marriage lasts even longer than this life, it makes more sense to focus on preparing to be a good companion, more than worry and fret over details of the wedding anyway.  In my humble opinion!