Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Melted Ice Cream..

       We have a minor debacle here on the home front.  I’m not sure of the life expectancy on a Sub-Zero refrigerator but in our situation I hope it’s just a little bit longer.  Or, at least long enough to last until our remodel project begins.  
       Sadly, our freezer has not been up-to-par and keeps getting worse.  There are lots of problems with frozen food thawing but for us the major issue is the ice cream.  Soft ice cream is not very inviting.  The rest of my freezer inventory wasn’t very appealing anyway so I’m not too disturbed by that loss.
       So, yesterday I turned off the circuit breaker, emptied the entire unit and did some trouble shooting with an appliance guy.  After hours of attempted repair I'm hoping my limited knowledge of fixing appliances will extend the failing fridge for another month or two.  
       Because I can hardly expect Brent to live without ice cream to snack on! Ice cream is pretty much a staple here at the Knudsens!