Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day!

       Apparently yesterday June 6th was National Running Day!  So I’m a day late but  I only learned about this momentous day because I’m now a Facebookie and saw comments about it on other runner’s Facebook walls. 
       Here I am smiling after one of our Nike Women’s races with 2 of my favorite runners: Andie and Paige.  I’m sporting Evan Barth’s Harker sweatshirt because it was a rainy day and he took pity on me after the run when my lips turned purple.
       Running has been a fun activity for our family.  Webb might not admit to being a runner but we all know he can sprint past me in any race, anytime.  He’s got the talent if he ever wants to pursue it.  In the meantime the girls have left me in the dust long ago and it’s all good.  I’m getting used to being the old slow runner and it isn’t so bad.  The only thing worse would be to let my speed (or lack thereof) cause me to bow-out.  And I’m not planning to do that anytime soon.     
       So, in honor of running and women too, I’ll post a quote from a New Zealand Running Coach, Arthur Lydiard, speaking of women who run:  
“They’re very tenacious.  They’re dedicated.  Once a woman decides she’s going to do something she’ll probably stick to it.  The only problem with women is if there’s anything wrong with them, they won’t tell you.  They’ll get out there and run on one leg.  They don’t moan and groan like a lot of men do."