Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BDO, For the Win!

BDO!  Team 81 is Number 1!
       According to Paige, the BDO Team won the Orange County Mud Run on Saturday.  But, really, how could you possibly lose with Korey sporting that striking headband? What a guy!
       Clearly this picture must have been taken before the race since they all look so clean (for mud runners that is).  And, I’m wondering about the teammate next to Korey wearing white shorts.  White shorts on a mud run?  I don’t think this is a guy who does his own laundry! 
       Actually Paige was in a Dirty Dash race in Provo just over a year ago and she wore a white Lululemon hoodie, so I should probably go easy on the BDO guy.  Paige made the same mistake and now she owns a tan Lululemon hoodie (since the mud never came completely out).
       And when Andie ran in a Wild Warrior race last year she accidentally left the muddy clothes in a plastic bag in my garage which we discovered a few weeks post race and I think we tossed the contents at that point!  Well, congratulations to the BDO Mud Runners on their victorious win!