Monday, June 25, 2012

Acting slightly more elegantly on Sundays...

       Anne Lamott isn’t Mormon but she’d be a great one, albeit it a very unique one :)  I love Lamott's eclectic outlook on pretty much all aspects of life.  Below is a quote from one of her books.  I like the quote because every Sunday we (we, I guess meaning myself) pitch up at church services and spend three hours.  And sometimes the block of meetings isn’t off-the-charts, but showing up is always a good habit to be in. 

       Yesterday Brent and I were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting so church might not have been as stellar as some Sundays with truly inspirational talks.  Still, I’m grateful for a pattern in my life where worship on Sunday is an integral part of my week and looking back I think the payoff for the three hour commitment has been rich and rewarding, even though week-to-week some meetings are better than others. 

“I realized I was going to get through this disappointing service, and anyway, you have to be somewhere: better here, where I have heard truth spoken so often, than, say, at the DMV, or home alone orbiting my own mind.

And it’s good to be out where others can see you, so you can’t be your ghastly spoiled self. It forces you to act slightly more elegantly, and this improves your thoughts, and thereby the world.” -Anne Lamott, Grace Eventually, Thoughts on Faith.