Friday, June 29, 2012

Birthday Boy Hangs Loose!

       The birthday boy didn’t quite get a leisurely day of surfing yesterday.  It IS a fairly recent photo (since it’s on my computer) but Brent didn’t have the luxury to chill on the beach.  No, his birthday started early at Zion’s camp working with young men from Los Altos, Menlo Park and Saratoga stakes.  Then he drove straight to Camp Lehi and helped the Saratoga Stake Young Women with a ropes course all afternoon.  So, technically he had the day-off from work, but for a birthday boy he was working pretty hard. 

       The church is celebrating 100 years of girls camp this year so we did make sure to sing Happy Birthday to Girls Camp and to Brent last night too.  In fact, one full size sheet cake (65 pounds worth apparently)was quickly devoured by hungry campers and leaders.

       Brent isn’t exactly one to do nothing to celebrate, so having both youth camps fall on his birthday gave him a nice diversion from a typical day at the office.  So, he didn’t surf this birthday but I think he was doing exactly what he preferred; hanging loose with some wonderful youth in the church!