Monday, June 11, 2012

Find Me On Facebook...

       Find me on Facebook?
       I didn’t consider a Facebook account for a long time.  It sounded like another distraction that I did not need.  Which it, admittedly, kind of is.  And, suddenly last Wednesday, I created an account in a bit of an impulsive moment.  
       Quite honestly, Kaye Holland was my impetus to relent and join.  After his funeral on Tuesday I was talking to his daughter about Kaye being on Facebook.  I guess I surmised that if an 85 year old man can maneuver the site, then so can I.  So, with Kaye as my inspiration I signed right up.
       After less than a week, I’m like a kid with a new toy. Or maybe a new pet is a better analogy because new pets require maintenance and I’m afraid Facebook will as well.  So, even though it’s sort of fun to understand the Facebook craze, I’ll probably tire of it quickly.  
       Having to respond to commentary is going to make me feel like it’s one more thing to check and keep track of.  And I’m already sometimes bad with returning emails and text messages.  Especially when my early interest wanes and Facebook starts to feel like another chore.  
       Since I have finally come around (the laggard that I am) it probably means that Facebook is officially passé.  But, just to be clear, the Facebook stock price has been dropping since the 2nd day it went public.  Please don’t blame it on me if this continues.  If I have made Facebook instantly uncool, my apologies to Mark Zuckerberg!