Friday, June 15, 2012

It’s a boy, it’s a girl’s a car!

       When Brent and I drive past car dealerships we’re amazed that anyone buys anything these days that isn’t a hybrid (or electric).  Andie’s Tiguan (which is a great car for her) was the last Knudsen car that relies strictly on gas.  
       Even though it was sad to lose Bella (Paige’s Land Rover Freelander) it looks like Paige made a wise choice with her new (to her, not new as in brand new) Toyota Prius.  Now Webb and Paige are our 2 southern California green drivers.
       Paige’s Prius is in need of a worthy name and I mentioned an option that is actually under consideration.  I feel so honored that my suggestion could possibly win them over.  The name I threw out requires some history to fully appreciate the clever significance.  See, when Bella joined the family Webb was on his mission in St. Petersburg, so because Bella was white we used a variation of the Russian translation of white which morphed into Bella.  
       This go round, in honor of Korey’s mission to Peru, I suggested white in Spanish or Blanco which could morph into Blanche.  If Paige and Korey go with anything along those lines, I should get a reward.  And I know just the prize for my creative naming.  As an award, I would get to name all of their children! 
       And with that comment I may have dashed any hope that Paige and Korey will actually name the Prius Blanco or Banche.