Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fly the Friendly Skies...

       One perk of being married to someone who travels is my new frequent flier status.  As a companion, United Airlines has endowed me with a gratuitous Global Services membership.  No membership fees, no initiation and there is nothing I did to earn this distinction but supposedly it entitles me to all the best upgrades and special services that United has to offer.
       I’m happy to accept the freebie and look forward to all the benefits and privileges of ownership.  For mega-travelers these perks are critical for sanity, but for my scattered trips here and there, I’m not that accustomed to upgrades, priority boarding and the first class life anyway.  
       I feel like this Global Service Membership is sort of wasted on me since my travel is pretty haphazard and I’m not that persnickety anyway.  I already threw away a dozen vouchers for free alcoholic beverages that arrived in the mail.  
     Global Services for the homebody; this should prove interesting!