Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Alpine Avenue LAUNDRY FAIRY!

When Paige heads to BYU later this month I am pretty sure she is going to dearly miss "The Laundry Fairy" (just a hunch). The Laundry Fairy is one of the better perks of being a College-Kid-Home-For-The-Summer at our house. Sadly, ...Post College and the GIG is up! Our Temporarily-Living-At-Home-Grad-Student and Do-It-Herself-Laundress Andie can confirm that House Rule.

Our Laundry Fairy is probably related to the Elves from the Grimm Brothers fairytale "The Elves and the Shoemaker." She may have honed her nocturnal work ethic from those elves who worked all night to make sure that shoemaker got his work done!

Even Noah Touchet heard about the laundromat service. Infact, 7 month old Noah dropped off two loads of baby clothes just yesterday on his way to the beach! Yes, they were ready for pick up on his return from Santa Cruz!

One amazing thing about our Laundry Fairy is the Fast Turnaround. You'd almost think there was some MAGIC involved when your stinky, sweaty running clothes are quickly replaced with ironed, clean, fresh running clothes! POOF! The end product isn't ALWAYS cleaned to absolute perfection but it is ALWAYS cleaned in record time! Guaranteed!

When questioned about her high Approval Ratings and Success, the Laundry Fairy just said:
"Well, Yes, THE LAUNDRY can be a DIRTY job; but someone's got to do it!" She seems to find Job Satisfaction and Intrinsic Reward in keeping things running smoothly and on schedule! Her motto: "An Empty Laundry Hamper is a Happy Laundry Hamper!"

Thank goodness we have a Laundry Fairy here at the Alpine Avenue Homefront! Laundry Apprenticeships available; inquire within!

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  1. This grad student must apply for apprenticeship immediately...her hamper has been known to be just a little too full. She is interested in gleaning this and other domestic type home skills while still living under the roof of mother.