Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bella Goes Topless! and Time Marches On...!

"Bella" is the white Freelander that Paige has been cruising around in for the past five years! For some reason it took us halfway through the summer this year to finally get the top off Bella's back .

But regardless of Paige's current age I sometimes still visualize her in the little red electric Jeep we had years ago. As Kindergartners, Paige and her friend, Sarah Kunz, (who had the pink Barbie model just like the one in this picture) would spend hours driving around our Seattle neighborhood. At top speed the cars probably only went about 2 miles per hour so they never got too far in their adventures!

It is hard to fathom how those years flew by from these two little girls bouncing around in their electric toy cars to Paige out and about in Bella (a bonafide car for real roads!) Several of my running friends have younger children and I'm constantly (probably a bit annoyingly) reminding them to ENJOY that stage of life (even when the demands on a Mom seem unbearable). When you are in the throes of raising the family it feels like it will last forever. But it doesn't. And I think there is always a shift of independence when the DRIVING begins (in the REAL CARS not the electric toy cars).

I'll wrap my thoughts up with some sage advice from Erma Bombeck who said: "Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth." ...should have read that quote about 10-15 years earlier!


  1. I don't understand Erma Bombeck's quote. I feel like it should be "never lend your car to anyone to whom you HAVEN'T given birth"
    Shouldn't your own flesh and blood more than anyone else?

  2. by the way - that comments was supposed to read "shouldn't you TRUST your own flesh and blood more than anyone else" - I just re-read it and realized that I left out the integral word "trust"
    I still don't get the quote though