Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Any Bacon is Good Bacon & More Bacon is the Best Bacon!"

There is a cult-like craze sweeping across the country and some of my children seem to be devoted followers. Bacon Lovers everywhere are uniting and gaining momentum!

Now, Bacon goes well with eggs for breakfast and it is perfect for the BLT sandwich but suddenly you can purchase gummy bacon, bacon ice cream, diet coke with bacon and even Baconaisse (bacon mayonaise). But sadly, bacon is far from healthy!

Paige brought home "Chocolate Covered Bacon" from Santa Cruz (no surprise there) - which seems like a Food Oxymmoron to me! Apparently, both of these foods have these complimentary properties that supposedly make any food you put them with taste better (think bacon wrapped filet mignon or chocolate covered pretzels). But somehow the combination of the two put together just didn't quite work for me. Although the bacon was so sparse in the bite I took it really just added a little crunch which made me feel like I was chewing a chocolate covered insect (even a worse idea than the bacon!) However, think about this; why am I repulsed by the thought of eating an ANT but I'm okay about the PIG? There's a conundrum for you!

Webb has been a long time Bacon Connoisseur (he'll drive to a Costco just to buy the precooked-ready-to-micro-zap kind) but this is a new (and unlikely obsession) for Paige. She almost bought an "I Heart Bacon" Tshirt in Boulder and she recently played me a youtube sketch by comedian Jim Gaffigan entirely dedicated to Bacon. Who knew?! Even Gaffigan acknowledges how crazy this Bacon Culture has become! I love his quote: "There is something dishonest about putting Bacon in a salad - it's kind of like Smoking while you Jog."

Despite the fact Bacon isn't healthy many are still quite enamored with it! Gaffigan confesses : "I even like the name Bacon. You can't tell me the success of Kevin Bacon isn't somehow tied to his name. You're not going out to see a Kevin Hot Dog movie." Personally I have no clue whether this Bacon Mania is just a hip trend or if it has staying power. But, while it runs it's course; feel free to "Pig Out!"

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