Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taste Test! And the winner is........

Here at Knudsen Laboratories we take our Taste Testing VERY SERIOUSLY! Today's research was to identify the favorite Tart Frozen Yogurt.

Our family team of testers has volunteered services many times to vote on the favorite water, the best animal cookie, compare various models of ice cream, power bars, etc. There is no food that we aren't willing to put to the TEST (the taste test)!

Our love of Taste Testing goes back to the days when Brent was Vice President of Product Development at Price Club and they started the pizza stands. We tested so many different pizza's the kids were begging for anything for dinner "as long as it wasn't pizza!"

The Saturday Taste Test included six participants: Andie, Paige, Brent, Kathryn, Anita, and Karren. The 2 contenders were Red Mango and Pink Berry; the two franchises that seem to gaining the most momentum in the frozen yogurt space. Everyone blind tasted both and voted on their favorite before we disclosed the brands.

The Test Results were Unanimous (this is a highly unusual result for most products). The Favorite Tart Yogurt ( ALL 6 votes) was for (drum roll, please........) PinkBerry! The comments were also lopsided; opinions were all quite biased for the flavor, texture, and superiority generally of the Pinkberry brand!

There you have it.....Pinkberry wins the Knudsen Taste Test in a landslide victory!