Friday, January 13, 2012

New Personal Trainer at Equinox

In today’s depressed economy lots of people have a home but no job to pay their rent or mortgage. Paige has the reverse situation, employed with a job but no home.

Over the New Year’s weekend Andie, Paige, and their friend Pam took a road trip to southern California leaving Paige in Orange County (yep, the happening OC) to start work January 2nd as a personal trainer at Equinox.

So, these last two weeks Paige has been officially training while spending her free time scouting out a place to live. Luckily, Jon and Suzie Terry have been kind enough to let Paige occupy their guest room during her housing search.

Brent and I feel so grateful for the friendships we’ve made in the church that leave you with a collection of people living all over the country. This includes people like the Terry’s who are willing to take in your children at a moment’s notice and let them stay in their home indefinitely. Connecting with wonderful people is definitely one of the blessings of the church.

But, back to Paige: She will be a great personal trainer; Equinox is lucky to have her. She’s disciplined, hard working and passionate about fitness. And, she’s had some great experience during her Y-B-Fit internship, etc.

Yesterday Paige saw Kobe Bryant working out at Equinox but Andie advised Paige (wisely) that she probably shouldn’t pursue Kobe as a client to train. Based on his history, I’m afraid he might have a few boundary issues.