Monday, January 16, 2012

Silence is golden...

When Webb recommended the movie The Artist and described it as a French movie filmed in black and white with virtually no sound, I was not on the edge of my seat.

But, I’ve learned from experience that Webb knows the film industry so we decided to see The Artist and it was incredible! A charming movie!

It turns out you don’t need much dialogue to make a great movie. But, the characters have to be captivating and luckily these were.

Even though I’m old(ish); I wasn’t ever a big fan of silent movies. When I was a kiddo they were kind of considered passé. Now, after watching The Artist I’m inclined to rent a few classics from the silent cinema genre. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this silent.

The solitude of the theatre generally was pretty cool. As we walked outside right after the film, Andie immediately commented on the noise of Santana Row. It was uncanny how quickly you noticed the difference and how disruptive the noise felt.

With special effects getting so much hype in the movie world these days, it was refreshing to see a show that relied on a darling story and great characters to make it a hit.

And, speaking of awesome characters, there was a dog in the movie that was fabulous. I think the dog, named Uggie, was a jack russell terrier and he should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor!

This was the best movie that I’ve seen in the theatre in 2012! Okay, it’s also the first show I’ve seen, but at least I’m off to a good start!