Monday, January 23, 2012

These BOOTS were made for walking...

“These boots were made for walking,
And that’s just what they’ll do.
And one of these days these boots
Are going to walk all over you!”
- pop song written by Lee Hazlewood & recorded by Nancy Sinatra. It hit #1 in the charts in 1966.

I’m not very fashionable and I don’t usually get very excited about material purchases but I have to say that the boots I bought this winter are getting some good mileage.

I’ve been wearing them to school and church so often they probably appear to be my only pair of shoes!

When I was gushing over how handy they are to spruce up an outfit Andie razzed me about making such a big deal over a simple pair of boots. This may not be verbatim but she basically said that most people can wear their boots without making such a fuss over them! (thank you Andie)

But, what Andie doesn’t realize is that I haven’t always had such positive relationships with my boots. As a kid I wore cowboy boots to ride horses at my grandparent’s ranch but getting the boots on and off was a huge ordeal (think ski boot level challenging). Then in high school when Fry boots were all the rage I wore them but I think I liked the status more than the boot (typical high schooler mentality).

The selling point for my Alberto Fermani boots was the zipper. It might not be cool to have a zipper and I really did like some Tori Burch boots with no zipper, but, in the end, that handy zipper won me over.

I considered posting a photo with me wearing the boots but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Besides, they probably look better off anyway; I don’t think I quite do them justice!