Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PCG: Parties, Contests, Games...

PCG officially stands for Partnership Capital Growth but we know what really goes on at the office:

PCG employees are hard workers but they also like to have fun. And, apparently, they like to celebrate too. 2011 was a good year at the office so here’s a photo of Brent handing out a few end-of-the-year prizes.

I’m not sure if the PCG employees realize how lucky they’ve got it. Brent’s a pretty good boss; hopefully not a complete pushover, but as long as people get their work done, he’s flexible and extremely generous.

There’s definitely a culture with most companies; sort of a vibe or aura of the office. When hiring new people the PCG crew likes to look at more than just qualifications. The applicant needs to be a good fit for the company culture too.

PCG is in it’s 6th year and while the company has had to let a few people go, so far only one employee has quit; clearly a mis-hire. I mean, if you think about it, why would anyone want to leave a working environment that celebrates productivity with parties, contests, and games?