Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaching Lehi’s Dream......

Teaching Gospel Doctrine is becoming more enjoyable and less intimidating each week. A Sunday School class of adults is definitely more frightening for me than a Seminary room of tired youth.

So, for me, this calling falls into the category of Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Do one thing every day that scares you” maxim. I guess I don’t technically teach daily, but I’m definitely doing something that scares me.

Last Sunday’s lesson was on the vision of the tree of life (aka Lehi’s dream). It was a lesson that I totally enjoyed the prep work. Actually I always find preparing fun; it’s the 50 minute class time that throws me for a loop.

The symbolism and the visuals of the story are great. It’s one of those Book of Mormon stories that we return to over and over again throughout our lives, but like any classic, they’re classics for a reason!

One cool part about the lesson for me this time was that I woke up on Sunday morning with 3 impressions that I felt were important to share. I hustled to my computer and added the new ideas. Then, in class, as time was running short, I felt prompted again to move ahead and incorporate these distinct impressions.

Basically, they felt important for some reason and not exactly because they came to me in a dream. I’m not trying to equate myself with Lehi here. But, they were pressing on my mind. And I have no idea if any of the thoughts were something someone in class needed to hear. Who knows?

But, I would like any inspiration for upcoming gospel doctrine lessons that I can get, so it seemed wise to utilize the impressions in hopes that other ideas will follow. It was just nice to see that when we do our part (i.e. prepare) then the Lord really can/does send good ideas (at least in my not so humble opinion I thought they were good ideas) our way.