Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ta Da!

The case of the missing passport.

So, Andie’s passport has been missing for about a year; pretty much since we returned from the British Virgin Islands.

There has been some dispute as to whose possession it was last in. This is due to the fact that I’ve been the longstanding designated keeper of all Knudsen passports.

However, as a passport keeper (and a good one at that!), there is one specific place I keep passports. So, when Andie couldn’t find hers and it wasn’t where I keep Knudsen passports, I was fairly confident it wasn’t lost on my watch.

Still, missing things unnerve me. We scoured Andie’s room at home to no avail. Since then, the search has continued, mostly at Andie’s Menlo Park place, also without success.

Finally, Andie secured a new application and even took the lovely passport photos. Which, once you start shelling out cash for a new passport, is just when you are likely to find the old one. According to my rules of logic.

Andie even mentioned to me that she thought it might turn up this weekend. We agreed that if the passport wasn’t found by Monday she should indeed mail off the replacement application.

Sure enough, low and behold, the passport pitched up on Friday night! No, not in my stuff. Yes, in Andie’s Menlo Park apartment. Apparently, it was found in a bag that Andie had taken to the B.V.I. that had gone into storage since our return (last January). Ta Da!

Of course, at some point along the way, I offered a reward if anyone found the passport (just hoping to spur on some excitement about the search). So, now I need to make good on coming up with a reward; but make sure it won’t inspire any other family members to conveniently lose their passports!