Sunday, January 8, 2012

R & R...

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” -Chinese proverb

These metal art letters called out to me the first time I saw them in San Francisco in December. Then one day I was heading down our stairs and realized the stair ledge was the perfect home for the R-e-L-a-X letters.

My only reluctance was having to displace Flip-Flop, our elephant art piece from Kenya. Flip Flop’s home has also been the stair ledge and both things won’t fit there.

Well, despite having to relocate Flip Flop, I brought the letters home on Thursday, set them up, and crossed my fingers Brent would like them too. Fortunately, Brent’s a smart boy and thinks they’re cool and worth keeping. Whew! But he also lamented that Flip Flop would lose his perch. Currently, Flip Flop is comfortably taking up residence in our bedroom until we find a better spot for him.

When I added “relax” to my word art around the house I realized I have quite a collection of verbiage from room to room. The playroom has a “behave” sign, “simplify” adorns Andie’s bedroom wall, Paige’s room has “imagine” and “think" signs, the kitchen says “eat” in big black letters, and multi-colored “just do it” letters remind us of the Nike theme. I’d like to put up “CTR” (choose the right) letters somewhere but I haven’t found any I like (because all letters are not created equal; not even close).

So, back to the R-e-L-a-X theme I’ve added. I’ve always heard that the time we need to relax the most is when we have the least time for it. For what that’s worth. And, relaxing is not the same thing as being lazy. In fact relaxing can actually be quite productive. Just follow my sign and test the theory...

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answers.” -William S. Burroughs